Brand New Products:

All new items purchased from Mobile Direct come with a Manufacturer Warranty. Mobile Direct ensures that the products are covered by the respective manufacturer for a specific period. However, please note that after the initial 30-day return period, Mobile Direct is not responsible for any further return, refund, or exchange requests. In such cases, customers are advised to directly contact the Manufacturer’s Customer Support for assistance, unless otherwise specified.

All other Condition:

For items under all conditions (Refurbished, Open Never Used or Used) sold by Mobile Direct, we provide a 1 year comprehensive Mobile Direct Warranty (in some cases Manufacturer warranty if mentioned). This warranty covers all manufacturer-related issues and ensures that you receive a fully functional and reliable device. It gives you peace of mind regarding the quality and performance of the product.i

Please Note that the Open Never Used items may or not have the original packaging and devices are activated before dispatch for testing purposes. It also include stock used for display purpose.

Please be aware that the Mobile Direct Warranty does not cover the following situations:

Physical or Water Damage:

If the device has been physically damaged or exposed to water, the warranty will no longer be valid. This includes any damages caused by accidental drops, impact, or liquid contact.

Electrical Failure or Short Circuits:

Damages resulting from electrical failure, such as short circuits or power surges, are not covered under the warranty.

Battery Faults:

Any issues related to the device’s battery, including defects or malfunctioning, are not covered by the warranty.

Repair / Replacement:

Under our warranty policy of up to one year, Mobile Direct will initially assess the device for the reported issues and endeavor to repair it. Should repair not be feasible, a replacement will be provided. In either scenario, the defective device must be returned to Mobile Direct prior to initiating further proceedings. We strictly adhere to the principle that replacement devices are not dispatched until the faulty unit is received. It is incumbent upon the customer to thoroughly review and comprehend this condition prior to placing an order.

Note: It’s crucial to emphasize that the Mobile Direct Warranty offers protection for any issues linked to the manufacturer during the designated warranty period. However, if the problem doesn’t fall under manufacturing faults as detailed earlier, or if the device has been tested by a third party without approval from Mobile Direct, the warranty becomes null and void. In such cases, the customer is responsible for covering the costs of parts, with the pricing determined by the Manufacturer or Authorized Dealers’ website. If the price is unavailable, Mobile Direct’s listed price will be considered final and cannot be contested in any manner.

For any concerns or inquiries regarding the warranty, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team, who will be happy to assist you.
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