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Accidents happen, and it’s our job to fix them when it comes to damaging your mobile device. It’s never been easier to render your device useless after dropping it. Our trained technicians will diagnose and repair your device within 24 hours.

Your Device In Safe Hands

Here at Mobile Direct we repair hundreds of devices a month, so rest assured you’re in safe hands sending your devices to us for repair.

Mobile Direct are capable of repairing any Mobile device on the market. We have all the right tools for the job so we can open up your device, repair it and assemble it all back together without ever knowing it had been touched.

Water Ingress Damage

We can often repair water damage from inside the phone, only rare cases where we cannot fix this.

Poor Battery Life

As devices age, their batteries degrade. With a new battery you can enjoy many more hours of charge.

Bent Chassis

Sat on your phone? We can straighten your current chassis or replace it with a factory original.

Cracked Screens

Our most common repair! We only use genuine parts to avoid voiding your warranty.

Broken Speakers

Many things can cause broken speakers, but we can replace them easily so you can hear again.

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